Garland TX Emergency Roofing Tarps

Garland TX Emergency Roofing Tarps

When it comes to the essential components of your home, the roof is arguably one of the most important. Obviously, it keeps you, your loved ones, and your valuables protected from the elements. Even the smallest roof leak can lead to major issues. This includes potential water damage, but also higher utility bills due to requiring more power to cool/heat your space.

Unfortunately, many major instances of roof damage don’t come under the calmest of circumstances. Natural disasters and storms may leave you with a leak or hole in your roof. While you wait to get proper roof service, an emergency roof tarp can be the difference between safety and danger. Here’s what you need to know about this option.


Emergency roof tarping helps homeowners and property owners minimize the spread of damage after a bit of damage to your roof. To give you an idea, many roof leaks are negligible at first. There may be a small hole in the roof, but many homeowners don’t regularly check the area to notice, and if water damage is small and kept to an obscure area, like the attic, it may go unnoticed.

However, no leak stays small. In time, the damage will grow, and you will have a larger leak. This can mean major water damage, higher utility costs to counteract the air loss in the leak, as well as potential structural risk. The main purpose of emergency roof tarping is to keep a roof leak in that initial stage until someone can come out to properly fix it.

This is accomplished through a few different steps that take place throughout the emergency roof tarping prep/installation process.

  • Preparing for the tarp includes clearing out any debris and appraising the scale of the damage.
  • Plywood is applied to the damaged area before the tarp goes on, serving as a second line of defense in case the tarp fails.
  • Finally, the tarp is placed on top of the plywood, then secured with lumber.

Remember, the goal of an emergency roof tarp is not to “fix” a roof leak. It’s not a substitute for repair. Your home is still going to have some losses in terms of water resistance and energy efficiency until the roof is fixed. What the tarp does is slow down the spread of any potential leaks or damage until a professional can come and fix the roof properly.

The general lifespan of a roof tarp is a few months. However, some longer-lasting tarps can go as long as a year or two. Make sure to ask what type you are getting when having your tarp installed.


So, what are the situations where someone may need an emergency roof tarp? Natural disasters/major storms are likely the main examples. In these situations, there are likely a lot of people with damaged roofs at the same time that requires help.

As a result, the local roofing companies may find themselves booked to capacity, and you may be on a waiting list. In these cases, an emergency roof tarp can help keep your property and valuables somewhat protected until one of these roofers has the availability to help you.

While this is the primary reason for emergency roof tarping, it’s not the only one. For example, if you are doing an inspection of your home prior to selling, and notice a minor leak, an emergency roof tarp may not be a bad idea. This will ensure that you don’t have to manage any other roof issues until a professional works on it.

Does one of these situations apply to you? With hurricane season coming soon, everyone should think about where they would get roof care if they required it. We are happy to fill that need at BesTex Solutions. Contact us today if you’re interested in getting emergency roof tarping or for your other roofing needs.

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