KANSAS CITY, Mo. — DERBIGUM Americas Inc., a leading producer of high-quality APP modified-bitumen roofing systems and accessories for the low-slope commercial roofing market, announced today it will change its name to Performance Roof Systems, Inc.

, A SOPREMA Group Company; hereafter "Performance Roof Systems."

The decision to change the corporate name reflects the company's legacy and strengthens the strategy to focus on Performance Roof Systems' industry-leading roofing solutions. It will also formally align the relationship as "A SOPREMA Group Company."  

SOPREMA Inc. acquired DERBIGUM Americas in August 2018. 

"Performance Roof Systems will continue to provide the U.S. marketplace with highly protective, resilient and sustainable APP modified-bitumen roofing systems and accessories, just as it has for 40 years," said Tim Kersey, CEO – U.S. Operations at SOPREMA. "With this new/legacy Garland TX Roofing Company name, our valued customers can continue to expect exceptional products and services from our team of dedicated collaborators."

The company's ownership and innovative product line will not change.