Garland TX Roof Built Up

Garland Roof Built Up

Built-Up Roofing

By far the oldest method of roofing still in use today, at least in the US, built-up roofing is exactly what the name describes. It’s basically material that has been soaked in some form of adhesive and layered one atop another until sufficient depth has been reached. While materials have changed a great deal, the application method for built-up roofing is very much the same as it has been for the last hundred years or more. This is just one of the reasons built-up roofing is relatively inexpensive when compared to other systems. There’s also the inexpensive nature of the materials – mat and bitumen. The fact that they’re cheap shouldn’t deter anyone from using them. There’s a reason they’ve been used for so long. They make for a well-insulated, waterproof roofing system that’s easy to maintain. It’s worth looking at before making any final choices. It might just save you some money.

BUR Estimates & Inspections

BesTex Solutions hasn’t been in business for so long without making some overtures to the wider community regarding our services. After all, roofing can be expensive and most people don’t call us for fun. No, they’ve got a problem and they’re already stressed. The last thing they need is to pay three separate companies to come out for a simple inspection and estimate. That’s why we decided years ago to make our entire inspection and estimating process as hassle-free as we could to better serve those customers who’ve already had a bad day. We want our service to be a highlight and start them thinking about the incredible work completed and how long it can be depended on to last – not the issue at hand. So, we give detailed explanations and recommendations with crystal clear pricing. That way, you can rest easy knowing the work will be done without hidden fees or surprise additions. BesTex Solutions isn’t that kind of contractor. Our reputation of fair-dealing and honest communication can be read across the web and we’re proud of the fact.

BUR Construction & Installation

As we described above, the techniques for installing a built-up roofing system haven’t changed much in many years. It’s all about understanding the ways the materials interact and how they function best on your specific structure like the exact portions of each material to use, the best ways to apply them, and the patience to know where you can be quick and where you need to slow down and accumulate. Each roof has its own weak points dictated by the construction and it takes years to develop the eye to spot these deficiencies. It’s why a great roofer can be hard to find. You can’t just fill out an application and be a professional. Built-up roofing is as much art as science and needs training and time to cultivate proper methods for each applicator. We’ve taken the time to train our teams right and each has years of dedicated experience in the materials in use. Again, we don’t just say it, we guarantee it.

BUR Repair & Maintenance

Roof maintenance is a huge part of having a roof which actually outlives its advertised lifespan. Maintenance, especially biannual inspections, can keep you dealing with minor repairs instead of major restorations – or worse. When maintenance breaks down, or is neglected altogether, it may be time for roof repairs on your BUR roof. No worries. BesTex Solutions can help you manage the repairs and give you a guarantee on all of our work. It’s one of the big reasons BUR systems have been around for so long, they’re incredibly simple to repair if you know what you’re doing. If you’ve noticed something wrong with your BUR system, call the pros at BesTex Solutions right away and we’ll have a technician come out for a free inspection and estimate for repairs.